An essential pillar
for providing

quality services


PosAm Servio provides detailed overview of the tangible and intangible assets, which are the cornerstone for providing quality services. PosAm Servio not only allows easy and accurate record-keeping of IT resources, it also keeps track of mutual links between various parts and components of both IT and non-IT infrastructure .

70 %

reduction of manual recodring and tracking of messages and calls to the Service Desk

40 %

reduction of costs for documentation on paper


reduction of effort and errors during work order processing

Supported processes

Ticket management

Asset & configuration management

Planning & maintenance

Service level management

Organization management

Mobile workforce

Integration interface


Notification management

Comprehensive record-keeping

The basic feature of PosAm Servio is the flexible data structure of its CMDB database, which makes it possible to better coordinate operational processes and manage the access to all information about the infrastructure , its configuration, applications, and services provided. This information is the basis for better decision making, better management of services and management of technology assets. Results of analyses, thanks to ability to tie reports of incidents related to the specific components, help find the best procedures for both reactive and proactive resolution of incidents.

Efficient operation thanks
to accurate information

PosAm Servio provides a detailed overview of the status of individual infrastructure components throughout its life cycle. Due to its open integration interface, Servio can be connected to external Asset Management monitoring and discovery tools, thanks to which it will be possible to gain a complete overview of the changes and to better plan outages and changes within the ICT environment.