Optimal performance
optimized management


PosAm Servio is the tool that guarantees that  right people, with the right tools, are at the right time in the right place. The key to achieving this goal is a flexible job scheduling and allocation functionality as well as real time control. The result is efficient use of resources, reduction of costs and improvement of service quality.

50 %

of the acceleration of the process
of planning and allocation of work

20 %

reduction of downtime
 and idle time

reduction in transportation

Supported processes

Work order management

Planning & Scheduling

Mobile workforce

Asset management

Service level management

Organization management

Integration interface


Digital signature

Right people, with the right tools

To ensure rapid and efficient response to incoming requests from customers,
it is essential to have an operational plan and to manage service teams. PosAm Servio efficiently manages service personnel on the basis of careful planning
and ongoing monitoring of their performance.

In the right time, at the right place

PosAm Servio provides comprehensive workflow planning and management of service requests - from automatic allocation of tasks, drag-and-drop scheduling, to monitoring of work completion. It is possible to manage field personnel very flexibly, so that tasks are carried out within the required deadlines and according to the required quality standards.

Remote control management

Tasks are assigned to workers equipped with mobile devices. Monitoring of task performance takes place in real time. The company management may do "live" tracking of progress as well as fulfillment of the parameters of the services provided thus increasing the utilization of the worker during his working time.

Paper is the technology of the past

The whole process is completely paperless - even signing documents by the customer. PosAm Servio makes use of digital handwritten signature which eliminates the use of paper in the final phase of service delivery - such as signing acceptance protocols immediately after providing the services in the field.

Mobility as a principle

Efficiency of field service delivery depends on the information that the field technician has at hand. Servio mobile application allows field technicians to access all relevant technical and business information regading planned tasks or customer visits in one place. The navigation to customer site combined with integrations to other system of the company significantly speeds up the actual delivery of services to customers. The application also enables the collection and processing of data from remote sites and their delivery to internal systems of the company.