Optimal support of business and
technical processes


We have developed PosAm Servio as a flexible modular solution. Individual modules are applied with regard to the processes to be supported (management of services, personnel, and non-IT infrastructure) and customized to individual customer requirements. Thanks to a local team, we are able to react with great flexibility to these needs and ensure smooth implementation.

Supported processes

Ticketing (Incident, Problem, Change)

Service level management

Asset & Configuration management


Digital signature



Workforce & Field management

Business process automation

 Integračné rozhranie

One solution for all user roles

PosAm Servio is a common platform for users, managers, operators and technicians, partners as well as third party suppliers. For the average user PosAm Servio represents a single point of contact for reporting, monitoring and addressing its needs and challenges. For managers PosAm Servio is a a powerful tool to manage services throughout their life cycle, as well as a means to control and manage all assets within the infrastructure. For operators it is an essential work tool with complete record of requirements, with the possibility to track their progress by the technician.

Strong support of process management in organizations

Simple user interface (web and mobile), adapted to various roles intuitively leads the user of the system through the individual processes. This creates a single view for management, support and management of ICT infrastructure and systems. This consolidation guarantees effective implementation and acceptance of of process management in the organization.

Consistent quality control - our recipe for satisfaction

Optimum balance between customer expectations on one hand and the possibilities of operations on the other hand is a the key to success and satisfaction on both sides. Prerequisite for correct setting of quality parameters is to set up SLA of business services
so that it is aligned with real OLA of technical services. With PosAm Servio it is possible, even in today's complex systems, to meet these requirements and also by means of monitoring, measurement and evaluation have the quality of service fully under control.

We can improve what we can measure

Multidimensional reporting is a prerequisite for the continuous improvement
of management of services. SLA measurement of parameter levels, the real utilization of service personnel and customer satisfaction across different services are only a fraction of possibilities being provided for transparent assessment of services. Data architecture of the system and structured information (tickets, services, configuration items, dependencies) are
a prerequisite and a guarantee that it is possible to create virtually any qualitative or quantitative report.

Systems integration for
end-to-end solution

Open integration interface allows you to easily link PosAm Servio with existing customer systems and create conditions for comprehensive

end-to-end solution of requirements.

Automation for better efficiency and performance

Tickets orchestration and process automation is supported by a built-in BPM solution, which significantly helps
to speed up the processing of requests and elimination of human errors.