Solution within

Process design

Implementation of a solution for the support of certain process always goes hand in hand with its optimization. We have a team of specialists certified at the ITIL Expert level.


Our extensive experience with large-scale transformation and operational projects, represent a guarantee of successful changes in customers' business and IT processes. As a result, we can transform your IT department from technology management to providers of transparent and cost-efficient IT services.

Solution implementation

Rapid acceptance of the solution in customer environment is guaranteed by use of agile methodology during its deployment. This approach allows us to configure PosAm Servio (processes, services, reporting) in accordance with customer expectations immediately after initial workshops. The customer is able to see very quickly the basic features of the system and thereby quickly transform it into the desired final form.Implementation of solution includes, in addition to the technical aspects (installation, configuration and customization), especially methodological work based on the framework of ITIL and ISO 20000 standards. This expert knowledge and experience, that we have, constitutes the highest added value for the customer.



Integration with existing systems

No IT system operates as an "independent island" - it needs to be integrated with existing customer systems (eg. AD / LDAP, ERP, CRM, Monitoring). This integration will help singnificantly to streamline processes within service management. The aim is to create
a unified platform and one-stop shop for setting up, monitoring
and management of various types of reports, failures and requests.